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Start-Up Businesses

We help small businesses thrive. At MMI we know the challenges of growing a new business. That’s why we provide consulting solutions for small businesses and startups in all aspects of organizational development, including organizational change management and professional development training.

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Mid-Size Companies

Transforming your organization requires partners who understand your direction. At MMI Consulting, we believe in empowering our clients so they can provide an exceptional experience. Our solutions are designed to help your team perform at their best, and our experienced consultants provide training that strengthens communication, productivity, and employee satisfaction.

We’re committed to creating better workplaces, one company at a time.


We are big fans of purpose-driven corporations, and we know how large-scale operations bring great complexity. Running projects becomes a web of resources that can easily become hard to oversee and track efficiently.

From Business development to Financial management our team of experts are dedicated to unearth true potentials in your current systems and optimize them towards result delivery.


We at MMI pride ourselves with efficiently empowering and enhancing operational systems.

Our team of highly-trained professionals have developed a system for overseeing complex process matrixes and making them comprehensible for all of the players. This, in the end grows productivity and efficiency amongst teams.


Your foundation was built with a clear purpose in mind—to be of service. But as the demands of your establishment expand, it becomes increasingly difficult to stay true to that purpose and deliver on your organization’s promises.

That’s where MMI comes in. We can help you transform your organization by providing a range of solutions and tools to elevate your operations to their true potential.


All we do at MMI is done in faith, purpose and determination. We enhance operations and processes to help churches rise to their truest potential.

Your mission is our mission and our team of experts oversee everything from planning to implementation to make sure we deliver on that promise.